Hi! I'm a sophomore at the University of Michigan, majoring in Data Science and pursuing a minor in Entrepreneurship. As an aspiring creator, analyst, and risk-taker, I'm interested in using big data to build intelligent systems capable of solving complex problems and predicting real-world outcomes.

I love solving new problems, trying new things, and meeting new people. I am a thinker, an athlete, an entrepreneur, a food aficionado, a traveler, and a socialite, and I will develop creative and innovative solutions that make a difference.


Programming - C++, Python

As an algorithmic thinker and a trained hacker, I'll whip up beautiful and efficient code to solve any problem, large or small.

Web Development - HTML, CSS, JavaScript

My growing skills in front-end technologies enable me to use my eye for detail to create eye-catching and user-friendly web-pages.

Data Analysis - R, Excel

I have a data-driven mind that makes analyzing data and trend identification intuitive. Numbers never lie.

Problem Solving

From logic puzzles to real-life conundrums, I have a passion for finding effective and optimal solutions to novel challenges.

Tech Savviness

With my strong technological intuition and the ability to learn new skills on the fly, I'll figure out any tech-related dilemma, from solving merge conflicts to backing up photos to the cloud.


The Baked Potato

A Twitterbot trained on The Onion that routinely tweets its own creative, satirically hilarious content.


An SMS based health assessment tool meant to provide inaccessible communities in India with personalized health and wellness advice.


This website, written from scratch by me! Written using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with a little help from Bootstrap and jQuery.